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Safety Consulting Services

World Wide Safety Consulting works with industrial facilities and manufacturing operations in such departments as ergonomics, OSHA compliance, contractor safety management, facility safety audits, incident investigation, and complete training in regards to safety.  Your employees are often one of the best sources to identify safety issues and we will utilize their experience and feedback along with that of management.

We deliver modern, customized, flexible safety services so that your employees are protected, losses and insurance costs are reduced, and your organization is compliant with federal and state regulations.  Your reputation is at stake in matters of this magnitude and we believe our manufacturing safety consulting is a safeguard against damage to the trust of your employees and the industry at large.  We can help you draft your own unique safety procedures and ensure your manufacturing facility is fully compliant.

Our safety consultants bring extensive experience to every situation so that no need goes unmet. We offer coverage for manufacturing organizations of all sizes, and our services are especially useful if there has been a recent safety incident that has drawn attention to the need for professional safety consulting.  We will investigate the incident and devise a training program so that future incidents are avoided.  World Wide Safety Consulting is there to provide your company with its own uniquely suited procedures and with our guidance we aim to create an incident free manufacturing facility.

  • OSHA inspection and citation assistance
  • Recordkeeping and documentation including the OSHA 300 Log
  • Recordkeeping training to keep your own staff capable on current regulations
  • Investigation of workplace accidents
  • Comprehensive manufacturing safety plan development

Professional Management Services

Whether you need professionals to assist with contractor management or staffing for any short or long-term need, World Wide Professional Services can provide expert consultants with experience in the manufacturing industry.

Contact World Wide today to learn about our safety consulting and professional management services tailored to the manufacturing industry.

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