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Power Generation

Why Choose World Wide?

World Wide Safety Consulting and World Wide Professional Services have the primary goal of ensuring that power generation systems are dependable, efficient, clean, flexible, and safe. Those who provide power must be sensitive to community needs, market conditions, environmental regulations, and service demands.

Our companies will provide each of its clients with a highly experienced knowledge that will lead to reliable, cost-effective energy supply systems, through a full range of planning and execution expertise.

Safety Consulting

Safety Consulting for the Power Generation Industry
World Wide Safety Consulting will address safety related to facilities development, construction, and operations with a heavy focus on training and ever changing compliance and regulatory issues.  We will provide you with solutions that are comprehensive, cost-effective, and with a careful regard to maximizing site profitability.  We conduct risk assessments in order to produce safe working procedures while identifying required protection systems and inspection/test necessities.

Professional Management Services

We know that each of our clients has its own unique needs and that only with a customized approach to consulting services can we together achieve excellence in design, engineering, and construction from a safety, efficient and cost effective standpoint.

Our professional staff is well versed in projects of fossil fuels, simple cycle, combined cycle, hydroelectric, nuclear, gas cogeneration, and the associated sub stations and transmission lines. We also have team members who specialize in the renewable energy sector.

Contact us today to find out why our clients trust us with this extremely important industry sector.

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