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Safety Consulting

Does your transportation company need assistance or support with the National Department of Transportation guidelines and procedures?  World Wide Safety Consulting is a leading consultant for transportation safety issues. Safety should absolutely be the primary focus of any transportation operation and we are dedicated to assisting companies meet and stay within the important safeguards of DOT regulations.
Transportation Safety Consulting

  • Highway Infrastructure
  • Trucking Industry
  • Railroads
  • Airports
  • Marine Shipyards

Our transportation safety experience and knowledge enables you to relax your concerns regarding ever changing DOT regulations, from drivers’ files to drug and alcohol testing.  We believe transportation safety should be overseen with a careful attention to detail, especially with new trucking companies just getting off the ground.  We can assist you with writing policies and procedures, as well as review and maintain the accuracy of monthly log audits.

What else can World Wide Safety Consulting do for you?  If you are in the process of a DOT audit, we can help.  We will also lend our expertise in matters of driver applicants, company accidents, and the organization and updating of company files and forms.  All your needs will be met with our transportation safety consulting: compliance reviews, state audits, equipment inspections, insurance policies, training, service schedules, certification of inspectors, and so much more.

Professional Services

The World Wide Professional Services team includes a wide array of experts in highway, railroad, shipyard, and airport environments. We specialize in contractor management on small and large scale projects – from construction of new facilities to highway and interstate infrastructure projects.

Contact World Wide to learn how we can help improve and optimize your company’s transportation safety requirements.  Our services are flexible and affordable,

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