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Moravecs Featured by FLVEC

Moravecs Featured by FLVEC

In April, 2020, The Florida Virtual Entrepreneur Center profiled our owners, Tom and Lisa Moravec

“Originally from Montana and Illinois, Thomas and Lisa Moravec, Owners of World Wide Safety Consulting, have been in the industrial and commercial safety and health management industry their entire professional lives. Their first attempt to launch a business that closely resembled World Wide Safety Consulting took place in 2004. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned. By 2011, however, Thomas and Lisa were prepared to give it another shot. This time, they were confidently equipped with the right skills, experience and were determined to see it through.”

“Different things in life came up and we let it go by the wayside,” Thomas said, referring to that first attempt. “However, it’s something we’ve been involved with our whole lives. With the people we know throughout the country, we knew it was an opportunity we couldn’t completely let go of. We wanted to do something for ourselves and we knew we had to make a second attempt.”

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