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About World Wide Safety Consulting

World Wide Safety Consulting has a broad background in construction and general industry environments.

We have undergone training and implementation of the highest levels of Environmental and Health and Safety, employee safety self-assessment programs, behavior based safety processes, policy making and safety management, environmental law and litigation, site assessment, remediation, loss prevention, crisis management and emergency response, as well as DOE criticality assessments.  World Wide Safety Consulting will take our finely specialized knowledge and put it to work for your company.

Benefits of a Robust Safety Program

  • Protects the company’s most valuable asset, its employees.
  • Eliminates unexpected interruptions in the work process, allowing for more accurate scheduling.
  • Reduces insurance costs, thereby making the company more competitive.
  • Makes the work force feel more confident and secure, improving quality and productivity.
  • Reduces unnecessary legal and financial burdens, improving the company image among potential and current customers.

What We Have Done, We Can Do For You

When seeking a consultant for your organization’s safety needs and qualifications, consider World Wide Safety Consulting’s experience thus far:

Safety Consulting Services

  • Professional staffing services (corporate, onsite, multiple sites)
  • Safety management (auditing and program development cost analysis)
  • Multiple training programs including state of the art interactive programs OSHA 1910 & 1926
  • ERP development (emergency response plans)
  • Injury management and review and litigation support
  • Specialization in large complex projects
  • Contract review and recommendations
  • Skilled in cranes and critical lift plans
  • Environmental management
  • Assistance to state and local government agencies in evaluating environmental risks and establishing community response procedures
  • Mediation of regulatory decisions with EPA and OSHA/MSHA
  • All consultants are very skilled in working in union and non-union environments

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