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Emergency Response

Do not make the mistake of not being prepared for a catastrophic event: although you will most likely not need to put these preparations into effect, if you do it will be with practiced confidence and safety.  World Wide Safety Consulting will assist you with emergency response tactics and planning.

In order to respond to a medical crisis within your facility, you must consider certification and training in first aid, CPR, and AED.  Even if not all of your employees can perform these life saving functions, it is advisable that they be able to identify emergencies and contact the proper staff members for assistance.  An important component of emergency response is periodic testing for acceptable response times.

We train our clients to be prepared for a variety of situations through action planning and crisis response, so that damaging consequences can be avoided.  Emergency response can truly come down to a “life or death” scenario, especially when dealing with workplace violence, explosions, fires, contamination, hurricanes, or terrorism.  Other emergencies such as product recalls have far reaching consequences you should be prepared to address before they happen.

World Wide Safety Consulting will help you effectively manage operational response, crisis communications, and recovery.  If you are in the midst of an emergency, our consulting services are immediately available.  If your aim is to be prepared ahead of time, let us develop programs for prevention and response, and then train your organization on implementation.

Keeping your company covered in case of an emergency means it will recover quicker and more successfully.  We honestly hope that our emergency response services are needed only as a reliable safeguard, yet we also take great pride in being able to respond to those that require our assistance in an unfortunate situation.

Contact World Wide Safety Consulting to discuss a complete and personalized solution to emergency response within your organization.

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