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Safety Staffing

World Wide Safety Consulting provides professional safety staffing who will offer reliable, experienced, and knowledgeable service.  Our clients expect and receive multiple levels of cost savings and peace of mind when utilizing our safety staff for short or long term projects.  If you need to bring in personnel to meet OCIP/CCIP standards, we are the company for you.   World Wide Safety Consulting has the flexibility to staff a wide variety of operations and industries in the field of safety.

Our professional safety staffing will be custom tailored to your project’s operations and you can expect to build a strong, trusting relationship with our staff. The team member we provide you will be properly accredited, certified, and degreed for what you need.  The cost savings that come along with this type of safety staffing include:

  • Reduced administrative effort and zero recruiting hours
  • Employee benefit package not a concern
  • No specific training expenses for new employees

You will find no overhead costs when you take advantage of our professional safety staffing.  We can assist you with construction projects or general industry requirements, or manage hazard assessments.  Our team members can provide safety training/orientation, incident investigations, or safety plan development.  In exchange you get controlled cost and reduced risk.

Outsource your safety staffing needs today and protect your employees and business with the help of World Wide Safety Consulting.  Put our expertise to work for you so your organization can continue to grow in a safe and regulated manner.

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